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How can Just Sayin’ Social Help You?

Just Sayin’ Social was born from a love of building relationships and a desire to help and serve people.  My niche in this industry is the time I take to learn about each and every one of my clients.  By doing this, I’m able to not only serve them well, but accurately represent their cultivated brand.  I strongly believe that the back end of YOUR business needs to be just as on-point as the front end…and my attention to detail makes sure it gets done right!  With 20+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant in more than 12 different industries, plus my knowledge of online business practices, I’m able to bring a unique but essential viewpoint to my clients.

praise & testimonials

Leslie is absolutely phenomenal!

There is no other word I can use to describe her work ethic, skills, personality, and professionalism.

She not only provides a solid Social Media strategy, but she also builds a relationship with her clients ensuring they feel valued! Her custom social media strategy has produced AMAZING results for my Facebook page.  My followers have increased, my engagement has increased, my Facebook group has grown ridiculously well with targeted leads, my Facebook group engagement has increased AND my email list has blown up!

The absolutely BEST part is that I am confident that I don’t have to touch my Facebook page because she has it all covered! I was able to take a vacation and not worry AT ALL!

I have really LOVED working with Leslie. She goes ABOVE AND BEYOND every single month. I’m always blown away by her work and how quickly she gets tasks done after I ask for something! HIRE HER and let her be your Social Media Expert so that you can focus on your area of genius!

Kathryn Moorhouse, Pinterest Strategist


Oh my gosh! Working with Leslie is not only FUN but simple. She takes your thoughts and comments and turns them into awesome meme’s that grab attention and help spread your message to the world!

Candie Conat, Bookkeeper

Leslie has been so helpful to me!

She has great ideas and really cares about what she is doing. Such a nice lady and I would recommend her to others for help.

Kristine Bennett, Dog Trainer

Leslie is amazing at organization…

And that includes organizing people!

I love the memes she creates and the VA services she offers, helping others grow their business by taking the things that she’s good at, and making them work FOR you.

Sasha Gray, Speaker + Author

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