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If you are like me, you want to know all about tools that you can use to make your business run smoother.  From project management to social media scheduling to mobile marketing apps, there are so many tools that you can use to make your life easier when running a business. 

When I first started my social media management business, one of the very first tools I started using was Word Swag (a content creation tool).  Then I found Canva, and boy what a game changer that was in my business!  It’s the tool I still use today to create content for my business and my client’s businesses.  Which is what has led me on the hunt for the perfect social media scheduler for every platform.  Once you’ve got great content, you need the right tool to help you schedule out that content.  So, what do I consider a “perfect” social media scheduler? 

The perfect social media scheduler for a platform not only syncs to that channel, but gives you optimal times for posting.  When a scheduler gives you optimal times for posting, it’s letting you know that it’s evaluated your analytical data and that it has chosen the times when your audience is engaging with your content.  That type of scheduler is invaluable to a business, which is why I use Tailwind for Instagram.

Tailwind was founded in 2011 as a way to market on Pinterest.  Since then, it’s evolved into the social media scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram.  Making it the #1 Tool to Have in Your Tool Kit in 2020 and here’s why:

Scheduler Syncing

When setting up Tailwind, it gives you the option from the home screen to setup using Pinterest or Instagram.  Once you click Instagram and sync your account to Tailwind, you are then able to create your own schedule.  What does that mean exactly? 

It means Tailwind has a section that says “Your Schedule.”  All you have to do is go to that section, tell it how many posts you want to go up per day and then click create.  From there it builds a list of BEST times to schedule to your Instagram account and automatically puts your photos and video’s in those time slots.  Literally, taking the guess work out of posting to IG!

Content Uploading

Tailwind has made photo and video uploading quick and easy.  In the draft section of the publisher, you can choose to upload your personal images and video’s or you can choose to upload images from Unsplash.  Yes, you heard me right!  No need to download those stock photos and upload them anymore, just simply choose your imagery from Unsplash within Tailwind.  They’ve also thrown in a 9-grid preview to the side to help you structure the way things are going to look before they post.  Meaning that you can schedule out months’ worth of content at one time (or you can just store them in the draft section to use later).  Giving you the ability to design a cohesive theme and feel for your page in half the time!

Hashtag Generator

As you know, hashtag use is a big deal when it comes to Instagram.  Every post that goes up should have 15-30 hashtags and those hashtags should have 1,000k to 500,000k* followers in order to keep you within a competitive market.  So how do you know if you’re using the right hashtags for every post?

Once again, Tailwind is helping you take the guess work out of yet another time-consuming issue.  When you start writing a caption for a post, Tailwind starts making hashtag suggestions.  These hashtag suggestions are based on the wording that you use for that specific post and are displayed in a color-coded fashion.  This color-coded system is designed to help you make the right hashtag choices.  Basically, the color system tells you if your hashtag is niched down too far, good in reach, the best in reach or too competitive.  This is important because you want to make sure that your hashtags keep you in the BEST reach possible.

Other added bonuses that Tailwind offers for hashtags are:

  1. The ability to save hashtags it for later use
  2. Create multiple saved hashtag banks
  3. To put the hashtags in the first line of comments

So as you can see, they are making hashtag use as quick and easy as content uploading!

*Note: this does not mean you can’t use hashtags with more followers, it just means your content may not get seen as much and/or will get lost in the shuffle. 


One of the man areas where Tailwind excels is with captions.  While other schedulers (like Planoly and Hootsuite) make you use emoji’s or dots to break up paragraphs, Tailwind uploads your captions to Instagram the way you write them.  Gone are the emoji’s and dots, making your captions easier to follow and read!

NEW Feature

Tailwind just added a new feature and it may be the BEST one yet! 

As of late 2019, you can now have a link in your BIO on Instagram via Tailwind.  It’s called Smart.Bio and it’s fully customizable.  You can design the link with your business name, upload your brand colors and design a cohesive layout for all your offers.  No more do you have to have or a resources page on your website, now you can just setup the Tailwind Smart.Bio and drive traffic to your offers with one simple click!


Tailwind is The Tool to Have in Your Tool Kit for Instagram in 2020.”  It offers scheduler syncing, quick and easy content uploading, a hashtag generator, the ability to write captions in paragraph style and a Smart.Bio link as a one click traffic driver to all your offers.  What more could you want from a scheduler?

So give it a try after reading this blog post and then please come back and leave a comment about what you think!

Happy Scheduling in 2020 ❤️

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