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You have started your business and now you are ready to do some social media marketing.  Social media platforms are where you are going to find your ideal clients.  However, you need to focus on branding and creating content for your business.  Building a following on social media means that you are going to need to create shareable content and research pages that are relevant to your industry so you can share that to your platform.  All of that means TIME!  Time you don’t have or are not willing to invest in because your focus is elsewhere.  So why not give that to a Social Media Manager?

Social Media Managers know how to optimize your social media platforms by creating content that will encourage engagement from your followers.  They also know how to look for content from other pages to share to yours.  Its a WIN-WIN situation.  Now that you have established that you need a manager, what comes next?

Here are 5 Things to take into consideration when Hiring a Social Media Manager:

1. How many hours do you need someone?

The key to any success is knowing what you need.  If you are spending 10 hours a week creating content and researching platforms, then you need an assistant for 10 hours a week.  You may not be aware of how much time you are spending on social media and that is okay.  A Social Media Manager can tell you what they offer and how much time it takes to complete the tasks that you want to invest in.  Which leads to your budget…

2.  What are you willing to invest?

Social media managers charge hourly, monthly or per platform.  Once you have had a Zoom call with your potential manager, you should get a quote based on your needs.  For example:  Just Sayin’ Socials’s basic package per platform is $300 a month.  Not to say that rates do not vary up or down, but the basic package for 1 platform (typically Facebook) is 3 posts a day on the business page and 1 post in the group.  Guess now is a good time to ask:

3.  Can I give up control?

The first question asked is always:  “Where do we start?”  As the owner of your business, you are completely in control.  However, you need to give up some tasks so you can focus on YOUR business.  The best place to start is where you feel comfortable.  Everyone is a control freak over their business, so start with one social media site and go to another and then another as you build a relationship with and confidence in your Social Media Manager.  Now that you know what you need from someone, how are you going to work together?  That takes us to tools you will need….

4. Do you have the tools you need in place?

Your Social Media Manager will need access to your sites.  Some they will need usernames and passwords for and others they will just need to be made an admin on.  For passwords, I recommend  It’s a safe and easy way to send protected passwords to things like Acuity, Active Campaign, Tailwind, Canva, etc.  Now, for scheduling abilities, all your manager will need on Facebook is to be made an admin on the page and the group (if applicable).  However, for Pinterest and Instagram they will need access to your scheduler in order to schedule posts.  Which leads us to our final thought, communication:

5.  How will you communicate tasks to your manager?

An easy way to send tasks, images, layout a weekly or monthly schedule and to see what you want posted on your social media sites is through or  Both are FREE to use, but do offer added features for a minimal cost.  By setting up a way to communicate what tasks you want done, you will maximize your time with your Social Media Manager.  

So those are the 5 Things to consider when Hiring your Social Media Manager.  If you still have question or want more information on how to get started, visit Just Sayin’ Socials’s Social Media Services Page and Schedule a Consult.