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It’s hard to know if you NEED something when you don’t know or understand what the title or position is and/or how it can help you grow and scale your business. So let’s start from the beginning and answer the #1 question that I’m asked on the regular – “What IS an OBM?”

The acronym OBM stands for Online Business Manager and the official definition offered by the International Association of Online Business Managers is:

“A virtually based, support professional who manages online based businesses, including the day-to-day management of projects, operations, metrics and team.”

– Tina Forsyth

In layman terms. that means an OBM is a right hand partner who is vested in your success and sees to it that all operations are running smoothly while you do what you do best – innovate!

Typically, OBM’s oversee/manage the following tasks in a business –

  • product and service based launches
  • setup or maintenance of online programs or membership portals
  • establishing of or updating of a website from start to finish
  • setup of systems for managing and tracking of day-to-day operations + team communication
  • tracking of all stats – financial, social media, etc. (aka. whatโ€™s working and what’s not)
  • assist with hiring/outsourcing

Basically, OBM’s are project managers, office managers, human resources managers, and online experts all in one – aka. virtual rock stars ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, I know you came here to learn IF you need an OBM or not for your business and in full transparency, I’ll lay it out for you the way it was for me….

“If you think you need to hire an OBM, you should have already hired one.”

Tough to hear I know, but can we be real for a minute? So many business owners spend their days dealing with constant anxiety from trying to push ahead of the competition (all while trying to stay on top of new technologies) that it makes their business life way more than complicated. Don’t be that business owner! Let an OBM take all that stress and worry off your plate, so you can grow and expand the way you dreamed of.

Here are three ways to KNOW you need an OBM in your business:

  1. You’re managing a team, but finding it hard to oversee the day-to-day or even keep up with what is suppose to be done in your business on the regular.
  2. You recently launched a product or service and while it went okay, you feel it would have ran smoother on the back-end had you had more time to fine tune the launch strategy.
  3. You know money is coming in on the regular, but you don’t have a clear picture of income verses expenses and the impact the two are having on your business.

As an OBM, I can tell you that I spend most of my days leading the team, setting up launch strategies and and working 1:1 with my clients to mentor them on the next step in their business.

Take a first step in your business and start implementing standard operating procedures (SOP’s) now.


So now that you know how to tell if you need an OBM, let’s talk about how you hire one.

When you are looking to hire an OBM, you have to have the right mindset and a part of that mindset is the willingness to let go. What do I mean by that? You’ve got to decide if you are willing to hand over the day-to-day operations over to someone and trust that they are going to represent you and your brand to the best of their ability. The best way to do this is by having a set of standards for your OBM and asking the right questions during the interview process.

Top five questions to ask your OBM during the interview:

  • What questions do you have about what we do/offer?
  • Are you willing to work in the trenches to understand the business?
  • How many clients have you helped scale to the next level?
  • Do they have a Project Management Tool that you prefer? If so, why?
  • Can you refer/hire/outsource when needed?

These questions will help you determine if your interviewee is self-motivated and the right fit for your business. And truthfully, it’s all about the right fit for YOU as the business owner. If you don’t have a connection with the person you are hiring (for any position for that matter), then it’s not going to work from the start. Building a business is all about relationships and that first relationship starts with your team!

Are you looking to hire an OBM for your business? Book a free consultation with Just Sayin’ Social and let’s see if we are fit for your business needs!