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When you first start your business you pick a name, decide on some basic colors and then choose a font that suits you.  But branding is SO much more than that.  It’s incorporating your style into the vision of where you see your business going, along with how to draw your ideal client to you. 

Or at least that’s what I know now!

It wasn’t until after re-branding that I had a better understanding of how it all worked.  And to think, it all started with a simple lifestyle photoshoot.

Back Story:

My business launched in 2017 as Just Sayin’ Mom.  During that first year, I began to see the need for professional photos and branding.  So during the first part of 2018, I setup a Lifestyle Photoshoot with a local photographer.  After setting up the appointment, I knew I was going to have to be very strategic about the wardrobes I picked for the shoot.  Hair, makeup, and two wardrobe changes later, the photoshoot was complete.

Now what?  Well, it was time to change the business.

Just Sayin’ Mom no longer told the whole story.  The services I offered needed to draw in my ideal client and the “Mom” part of my name was not doing that.  So, Just Sayin’ Social was born.  Changing from “Mom” to “Social” told the whole story.  It told my clients that I job was to handle all things Social Media for them.

Once the name change was made, it was time to start considering branding.  Presenting the question:  “How did I want to re-brand my business?”  Well, that question was officially answered when the photoshoot pictures arrived.  Seeing the photos made the changes surreal!  They were exactly what I needed.  In the excitement of receiving them, I loaded a few to my page for everyone to see.

Am I ever so glad I did, because it led to the next phase of my business:  Branding!

The Story:

I had been following The Higgins Creative for almost a year.  Lilah Higgins has an eye for graphic design and branding like no other I’ve ever seen.  Her ability to tap into her client’s head and make their vision come alive just blows me away……still does!

As soon as she saw my photos, I got this message:  “I’m loving your photos!  It appears you are ready to make a change; would you like to chat?”

Oh, would I!!!

After a short 20-minute call, I was pumped!  Now, I’ll be pause here for a moment.  Working with Lilah is not cheap.  I thought I knew the budget I had for this project, but she had me rethinking everything after that call.  A phone call to my husband, my mentor and a lot of prayer later, I decided re-branding with her was the route to take.

So back to the story…

Once I sent her the message that it was a go, the process immediately began.  I signed the contract, made the first payment and scheduled my 90-minute session.  That 90-minute session was a total game changer.  She tapped into not only who I was but where I wanted my business to go.  When she started sending me her designs, all I remember telling her is:

“You nailed me!”

Honestly, I don’t remember how long it took to complete the process.  All I remember is the process and the results.   Being a part of the process is what lead to all the changes I made from there and why my services not only changed but grew.

How the Re-Branding Process Changed my Services:

So how did the process change my services?  Well, it started by changing me!

See when I started this business, all I saw were graphics created with brand fonts and colors.  After re-branding, I saw designs branded with logos and fonts positioned strategically in order to draw the reader in.

Basically, I KNEW the process.

Branding became not only a part of my strategy when designing graphics for clients’, but when designing the layout for the week.  By offering better quality content, their audiences where engaging more often. Leading to a better relationship between my clients’ and their audiences. I was no longer just offering Social Media Services, I was offering a Social Media Experience.

Which has led to the next phase of my business:  Just Sayin’ Social, “The Agency.”  Where you can get Social Media Management Services AND Certified Online Business Management Services. 

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