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Systems Management

When you’re growing and scaling your business, you come to a point where you know you need expert support in order to achieve your goals. 

That’s where a TEAM comes into play.  

However, hiring that team can be two things:  exciting and terrifying.  I get it!

You know you need a team that fulfills several different roles, but you’re just not sure how to juggle hiring them and then overseeing them.  AND being a manager wasn’t really in your Dream Business Vision.  All you want to do is visualize and create…not get bogged down in the day-to-day operations.

This is where an Online Business Manager (OBM) comes into play.

When you hire an OBM, you’re getting the leader your team needs to make sure all of the moving pieces work together harmoniously.  Allowing you to free yourself from the nitty gritty, so you can get back to being the visionary you know you’re meant to be for your business.

Making your OBM your Right Hand Gal!  Which means that it’s essential you find someone who’s a great fit not just for your business, but for you.

That’s why I take the time to connect with my clients during a 1:1 90-minute strategy session.  Giving us both time to make sure it’s an ideal fit, and that we develop a solid communication foundation that will allow us to grow your business based on a relationship of trust and expertise.

Buidling a relationship that will help us come together to design the perfect package for what you need right now and what you’ll need as you grow. Consider these elements the basis of the mix-and-match combo of whatever it is that you need for your business. I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, so let’s figure out what your custom package looks like together!


Systems Management

  • Setup of a Project Management Tool
  • Documenting and Organizing of Routine Tasks

Metrics Management

  • Tracking of Social Media Analytics
  • Montly & Quarterly Review of Business Goals

Team Management

  • Outsourcing Support
  • Overseeing of Day-to-Day Task Completion

Systems Managed

Active Campaign, Acuity Scheduling, Agorapulse, Asana, Basecamp, Buffer, Dropbox, Canva, Convertkit, Eventbrite, Facebook, Google Drive, Hubspot, Instagram, LastPass, LinkedIn,, Mailchimp, Meetup, Paypal, Pinterest, Quickbooks, Share Connect, Skype, Squarespace, Tailwind, Teamwork PM, Trello, Wix, WordPress, and Zoom

On-Boarding Process

  1. Book your FREE high-impact Consultation Call
  2. Design & build your custom 90-day contract
  3. Schedule your laser-focused Team Strategy Meeting
  4. Lay-out Weekly Team Meetings to stay up-to-date on Projects and Progress

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What can I offer your business?

With 20+ years of experience as an Executive Assistant in more than 12 different industries, plus my knowledge of online business practices, I’m able to bring a unique but essential viewpoint to my clients businesses.

My ability to sense a need before it becomes a problem is my client’s FAVORITE secret weapon.  It helps them identify obstacles and navigate around them, which in turn saves them tons of time, money, and let’s be honest – tears!